A Slice of Naples

Greetings Milwaukee!


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San Giorgio is located at 838 N. Old World Third Street

It’s the classic dilemma.  You and your famished and dangerously undernourished companions decide you are in the mood for pizza.  Fantastic.  But where to go?  What style should be our guiding light for the evening?  Deep dish?  Too Chicagoan.  New York?  Too east coast.  Neapolitan?  That’s a bingo!

With that Sophie’s choice out of the way, now comes the next pitfall on your culinary adventure.  Where to go?  As previously reported, there is a delightful option right under your nose you may have never even noticed.  I am speaking, of course, of San Giorgio Pizzeria, Milwaukee’s premiere source of mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza offerings.  As Milwaukee’s only VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) certified pizzeria, it is truly something not to be missed.  To obtain a VPN designation, an establishment must possess both at least one certified pizza maker and a qualifying oven, along with mandated standards for quality ingredients and a devotion towards proper technique.  That’s right, we’re talking old school.  Old country.  The good stuff.

With seasonal rotating menu options, there is always something new to sample.  On a recent visit, we started the night off with the light and very refreshing tomato-based Don Antonio salad.  For the main course, the Ilario and Margherita D.O.C. pizzas were ordered, and they did not disappoint.  While it was a messy meal to handle, the rich flavors and fresh ingredients had me chowing down with reckless abandon!  I will definitely be returning to try out the rest of their menu!

Buon appetite!