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Hacienda Beer Co.

Greetings Milwaukee!

One of the constants of urban living is change.  Change of people, change of places.  Change of neighborhoods.  Over the last couple years, one of these paragons of change has been the North Avenue area.  Not too long ago it was the epitome of the college bar scene, filled with establishments that left you reluctant to admit to your friends and yourself that you had been there the night before.  One by one, many of these old stalwarts have shuttered their doors, leaving vacancies in their wake waiting to be reoccupied and reimagined.

But with death often comes renewal.  In the space of the old G Daddy’s BBC, Hacienda Beer Co. of Door County fame hosted the grand opening of their new tap room this weekend.  An offshoot of Door County Brewing Co., Hacienda was created to produce a distinct selection of experimental beers including hoppy ales and stouts, with unique names such as “It Just Does Weird Things” and “I’m Not a Doctor.”  For anyone with even a hazy memory of the space under its previous incarnation, you will notice a vast amount of change to the scenery.  You will find a lush atmosphere of eye-catching colors, a variety of different seating arrangements, and a wraparound bar along the inside of the establishment.  There are even two lowered sections of the bar area to provide increased accessibility.  This is an exceedingly rare feature! There is an accessible entrance on the side of the building, but be mindful of the elevated edges surrounding the ramp, as a few near falls were witnessed.

Furthermore, while the kitchen was not quite ready for the opening, reports are it will be fully operational in the coming days to provide a nice compliment to the beverages on hand!  As for the upper floors of the building, for the time being they remain vacant, although rumor is a space for live music is in the making.  Based on the great eclectic crowd that turned out this weekend, it seems that Hacienda will be a welcomed addition the ever-evolving East Side.