Milwaukee Adventures

Hanging Out at Hangout MKE

Greetings Milwaukee!

Well, here we are in the middle of what seems like another never ending winter.  Trapped inside.  Desperately trying to remember what the sun looks like.  Eyeing your housemates with suspicion as cabin fever sets in as you endlessly scroll through options on Netflix.  We’ve all been there.

On a recent weekend afternoon, some friends and I decided to brave the elements and strike out in search of something to occupy our claustrophobic minds.  Fortunately, before we began to freeze and consider the Donner Party, we came upon Hangout MKE, and decided to check it out.  With a wide variety of entertainment options, our group was entertained and kept sane for hours.  For the nominal cost of a food or drink purchase (I enthusiastically recommend the Hot Toddy – the perfect cure for the remnants of a winter cold), patrons are granted access to a wide range of board games, card games, and old school Nintendo, complete with vintage 90s music videos playing on their TV screens.  For an additional fee, visitors gain access to a selection of giant-sized versions of old favorites including Operation, Scrabble, Shuffleboard, and more.  On weeknights, they also host events such as open mic nights and art displays open to local artists.  After several life-affirming hours of board games, a round of Don’t Break the Ice, and multiple rounds of warm spirit concoctions, our group dispersed once again into the dark, cold night.  I will definitely be back.


At first glance from the street, one could be forgiven for thinking Hangout MKE is not accessible, as it occupies space below street level.  However, upon moving into the space they installed a handy and easy to operate wheelchair lift that provides complete access to the facility.