Milwaukee Adventures

Downtown Dining Week

Greetings Milwaukee!

That time is upon us again, Milwaukee.  To the delight of confirmed foodies and the just plain hungry alike, Downtown Dining Week is here!  For the uninitiated or those needing a refresher, this is an annual event where a host of downtown restaurants offer up a limited menu of multi-course options at reduced prices.  Prices go from $12.50 for two course lunches to $25 and $35 for three course dinners.  This is often an opportunity for the curious and the cost conscious among us to sample some of the fancier and more expensive establishments in the downtown area.  Notable entrants this year include Rodizio Grill (famous for their unlimited meat course), Mader’s Restaurant (one of the last bastions of German fine dining in Milwaukee), and Rare Steakhouse (a relative newcomer to our restaurant scene).  With over 30 restaurants participating this year, there is sure to be something to interest every palate out there!

This year Downtown Dining runs from Thursday May 30th through Thursday June 6th.  I will be using this year’s event to try out a few places and check them off my to-try list.  Stay tuned for updates!