Milwaukee Adventures

My intro


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stumble upon this little corner of the internet. With this first post, I wanted to write a bit about what you readers can expect from Mr. Milwaukee. First and foremost, readers will get a taste of what is great about Milwaukee! I will be highlighting some of the best this city has to offer, whether it be where to enjoy a fun night out, sample that delicacy you have been hearing so much about, or random goings on that are worth taking note of. In my travels around the city, I have been able to connect with a wide cross section of movers and shakers, and I hope to share with you what makes them tic. Pull up a chair, grab a beer or a bite, and let’s talk!

Naturally, some of this will have a disability angle. Want to know what it’s like getting around during our frequent snowpocalypses? I got you. Ever wonder if there is a secret back way with a ramp into that venerable institution of a bar? Hold my beer.

From time to time, my gaze will veer into the wider world. When my adventures take me outside of Milwaukee, I will make sure to bring you all along for the ride, while never shirking my duty to spread the word about the Cream City.

For those of you that already live in this fair city, some of this will not be new to you. For those of you who have come here before but it has been awhile, boy let me show you what you have been missing! And for those who have yet to make the trip, come on in, the water is nice (in the summer)!


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