Dogg Haus

Greetings Milwaukee!

I thought it was only fitting for my inaugural food post on this blog to be about a pillar of our culinary community, the late night Shangri-La of tubed meat, a frequent last stop on a night gone wrong (or right!).  I am referring to, of course, the Dogg Haus.  Many of the college bar crowd may be shocked to learn that this midnight mecca actually has daytime hours as well.  With 5 locations across Milwaukee, this homegrown enterprise from entrepreneur Mazen Muna does pretty brisk business with both the lunchtime and the ‘you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here’ crowds.


Oddly enough, Mr. Milwaukee’s go to selection here is the classic Chicago Dogg, although they offer a wide variety of other specialty options as well.  The fresh toppings and bold interplay of flavors and textures on this, the King of Doggs, cannot be beat.  The standard side is fries, but if you’re sporting a particularly “Wisconsin” appetite, don’t hesitate to splurge on an order of fried cheese curds.  If the weather is decent, why not hang outside and commiserate with your fellow revelers and find solace in the knowledge that things, at least for the time being, are looking up.


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