A Taste of Ireland

Greetings Milwaukee!

If one begins to feel a yearning for a bit of the old country, or maybe a taste of it, as Mr. Milwaukee was recently, one need look no further than County Clare, on Milwaukee’s lower east side.  This cozy restaurant features a more subdued Gaelic flare than what is often encountered in the Americanized Irish bar.  The kitchen serves up the down-home Irish classics any self-respecting Irishman would expect, with the requisite servings by the pint or the tumbler to wash it all down.  The bar also serves up an infamous take on the Bloody Mary, served in a giant fish bowl sized chalice in the Milwaukee style, loaded up with a meals worth of garnishes and a chaser beer, naturally.  If you are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on your disposition towards the rhythmic seductions of the Emerald Isle), you may just happen upon a traditional Irish music jam session of local musicians.

This establishment also doubles as a bed and breakfast, featuring such fine perks as rooms with private hot tubs, and each booking gets you a complimentary breakfast and couple of pints to ensure weary travelers receive the proper degree of hospitality before being sent on their way.  I believe this is what is meant when they speak of the restorative powers of travel.

Regarding accessibility, at first glance it may seem like the steps out front preclude any means of safe entry.  However, a short walk around the side and through the parking lot will lead you to the accessible entrance and all the Irish delights within.

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