Vote This Tuesday!

Greetings Milwaukee!


As you may or may not be aware (I hope you are by now), this Tuesday, April 2nd is Election Day here in Wisconsin.  Mr. Milwaukee urges all of you to get out and vote!

Being that this is a spring election in an off-year, it has not received nearly as much attention as other recent ones, with mostly local offices up for election this time around.  However, this is no excuse to not vote, as you can often make more of a difference in smaller elections that have a direct effect on your community.  Not sure what offices are up for election or who the candidates are?  I got you covered.  Here are a few helpful links:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2019 Candidates

ACLU Supreme Court Candidate Scorecard

Shepherd Express Election 2019 Endorsements

Not sure where to vote or how to register?  No worries.  You can look it up here (you are allowed to register the day of the election):

My Vote WI

Be sure to keep an eye out when you head to the polls, as you might just catch a glimpse of Mr. Milwaukee.  I will be out all day visiting polling sites conducting audits on behalf of the Wisconsin Election Commission to make sure they meet all accessibility standards required by law.  It is important to ensure everyone has access to voting, regardless of their abilities.  Check out the picture of me below, demonstrating the ease of use of one of Wisconsin’s accessible voting machines.


Hope to see you out at the polls!

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