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Many Modes to Chicago

Greetings Milwaukee!

After a thoroughly memorable trip abroad, I wanted to take some time to highlight two very accessible means of public transportation a little closer to home, namely the Coach Bus and Amtrak Hiawatha train.

First off, Coach USA provides the simplest and extremely cost effective way to get from Milwaukee to O’Hare International Airport with the Wisconsin Airport Express.  For $30 per ticket, it will pick you up at Milwaukee’s Intermodal Station or Mitchell Airport and drop you off right in front of the each terminal.  Upon pickup, a lift opens up out of the back end of the bus, allowing a wheelchair or other mobility device to be easily lifted up into the bus.  Seats in the back are pushed forward, creating room to park and be strapped in for the ride.


On the other hand, if you are more in the mood for heading to downtown Chicago rather than the airport, the Amtrak Hiawatha train is the way to go.  Also catchable at the Intermodal Station or the airport, it is just a quick 90 minute traffic-free ride to Chicago.  When boarding, they simply bring out a crank lift that lets you drive right into the train car.  You can even charge your wheelchair (or phone, I suppose) in one of the convenient outlets located in every row!  Tickets start at $25, and if purchasing online be sure to check out the reduced fare for disabled passengers.

My preferred method of accessing both of these modes of transportation is through another accessible mode I have previously covered here, the Hop.  Now if only air travel were this easy…

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